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Effect of Ketamine on Brain’s Functional Connections

Effect of Ketamine on Brain’s Functional Connections

Mr. Orwa Dandash

Ketamine is currently the best available pharmacological model for schizophrenia and one of the most abused drug in western societies. Ketamine is believed to mediate its psychotogenic effect by modulating functional connections (cross-talks) between deep brain sub-regions called the striatum (blue spheres) and the rest of the brain.

Green colour indicates brain regions connected to the striatum of 19 healthy volunteers before an intravenous infusion of 100ng/ml of ketamine was administered. Red indicates brain regions that enhance its connection with respective striatal sub-regions after the administration of the drug. Yellow indicates areas of overlap.

The majority of volunteers experienced schizophrenia-like symptoms including auditory and visual hallucination, delusional beliefs as well as thought distortions. This is the first study that specifically investigates the modulatory effect of ketamine on striatal functional connection and has been accepted for publication in the international journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.