2019 Australian & NZ Brain Bee Challenge – Round 1

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2019 Australian & NZ Brain Bee Challenge – Round 1

1-31st March 2019



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The Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge (A&NZBBC) is an annual competition for high school students in Year 10 (Australia) and Year 11 (New Zealand) that encourages learning about the brain.

Throughout the competition, students learn about the brain, its functions and neuroscience research. They are introduced to careers in neuroscience and investigate the misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.

Students participating in the competition gain access to current and accurate information on the latest advances in neuroscience research. They also develop an understanding of how neuroscience contributes to our community and improves the health of millions of people around the world.

The competition often sparks an interest for students to pursue a career in neuroscience.

All Year 10 students in Australia and Year 11 students in New Zealand are eligible to enter the competition. It runs through a series of rounds, with the Australian and New Zealand winners attending the International Brain Bee, which takes place at an international neuroscience/psychology conference the following year.

There are 4 rounds to the Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge.

Round 1 – Online Quiz

Registrations are now open! Register here.

Students study online through Education Perfect and then complete an online quiz to determine their knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the brain. Round 1 will take place for the entire month of March in 2019, including during Brain Awareness Week (11-17 March 2019).