Claustrophilia 2014: a social meeting of claustrum researchers

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brain researchers

Claustrophilia 2014: a social meeting of claustrum researchers

16th November 2014

City Tap House, 901 9th St NW, Washington, DC

US$20 (US$10 student/post-doc)

This will be the first international meeting of researchers looking at the mysterious sheet of brain cells called the claustrum and those with affiliated research interests. It is intended to lay the foundation for creation of a Claustrum Research Society, and to allow researchers to share information and form collaborations for future projects. As very little is known about the organization and function(s) of the claustrum (e.g. does it orchestrate activity in the cortex or control traffic from other areas of the brain?), this meeting will be a key opportunity to develop new hypotheses and methods for studying this fascinating and enigmatic brain area.

For catering purposes, please email to register your interest. Monies will be collected at the event.

Contact: David Reser, PhD, Department of Physiology, Monash University,