MATLAB for Neuroscience, a two-day course

Suitable for:
brain researchers

MATLAB for Neuroscience, a two-day course

1-2nd October 2014

Engineering PC Lab G11/60, Ground Floor,
Building 6, Monash University,
Clayton Campus

$180 CIBF institutes/Monash. $360 others.

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MATLAB is a high-performance interactive computing environment for data crunching, visualization, and programming; a sort of Excel on steroids, that’s widely used by engineers and scientists.

Now into its fourth year, this much-in-demand two-day course is run by Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function.

Course facilitator Dr Bryan Paton, a Monash University research fellow and MBI staff member, will teach researchers (PhD, Honours, Post-doc or otherwise) how to use MATLAB for data collection, analysis and publication. No previous experience required.

The course focuses on using MATLAB in the very broad areas of psychology, psychophysics, cognitive neuroscience, neuroscience and related fields.

For optimal understanding, lectures will be interleaved with practical sessions.

Day 1:

  • Introduction: how the MATLAB environment works
  • Importing (from Excel/SPSS), manipulating, exporting, and displaying data
  • Statistical analyses
  • Basic scripting
  • Making figures for publication
  • An example: using MATLAB for analysing functional magnetic resonance images.

Day 2:

  • core scripting/programming skills using Psychtoolbox for MATLAB, attendees will develop an experiment from scratch, collect and analyse the data.

Lunch and refreshments provided both days. All day parking costs $8 in the SE3 parking area (coins needed).

RSVP: Numbers are limited. Register here.

Contact: Email Bryan Paton, for further details regarding the course. Email for further details regarding how to register.