Neural Knitworks

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general public

Neural Knitworks

15-23rd August 2015

Your own home, work or school

The Neural Knitworks team are revamping last year’s much-loved community art–science project — so get ready to grab some friends, to grab some yarn and have fun crafting woolly, textile neurons, while learning about brain health.

During 2014 an enormous number of handmade neurons were donated (1665 in total!) and used to build a giant walk-in brain. In 2015, the Neural Knitworks team invites you to create your own home-grown Neural Knitwork for National Science Week.

The scientifically-informed patterns to knit, craft, wrap, or knot a neuron are already available (Download the pattern book – 3.4MB PDF). Instructions for how you can go about using those neurons to create your own textile brain are available on the National Science Week web site, along with advice about how to run an event and contribute to the virtual art gallery.

No knitting experience is required and all ages can participate.

So join the Neural Knitworks community on Facebook to find out more and share your ideas.

Happy knitting.

Photo source: Jackie Randles on Facebook