SCiNDU: Systems and Computational Neuroscience Down Under

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brain researchers

SCiNDU: Systems and Computational Neuroscience Down Under

15-17th December 2015

Queensland Brain Institute, University of QLD


This conference brings together international leaders in understanding the computational principles of how neural circuits decode sensory information, make decisions, and learn from experience.

Speakers include:

  • Ehsan Arabzadeh (ANU)
  • Mark Bear (MIT)
  • Michael Breakspear (QIMR)
  • Allen Cheung (QBI)
  • Yang Dan (UC Berkeley)
  • Peter Dayan (UCL)
  • Marta Garrido (QBI/CAI)
  • Geoffrey Goodhill (QBI)
  • Zach Mainen (Champalimaud)
  • Jason Mattingley (QBI)
  • Linda Richards (QBI)
  • Peter Robinson (Sydney)
  • Marcello Rosa (Monash)
  • Pankaj Sah (QBI)
  • Mandyam Srinivasan (QBI)
  • Greg Stuart (ANU)
  • Stephen Williams (QBI)
  • Li Zhaoping (UCL)


On December 15th, pre-conference tutorials include:

  • Mark Bear: Experience-dependent synaptic plasticity
  • Peter Dayan: Neural reinforcement learning
  • Jason Mattingley: Brain stimulation, attention and plasticity
  • Li Zhaoping: Vision, efficient coding and salience


Registrations for Systems & Computational Neuroscience Down Under are now open.

Early Bird Conference Rate (until October 16): Student Registration: $125. Full Registration: $250. Tutorial Cost: $50


Abstract submission

Abstract submissions for poster presentation are welcome. Some abstracts will also be selected for short talks.

Abstract Submission: Due 16 October (must register to submit an abstract)



Emmanuel College, a residential college of the University of Queensland, has rooms available 15th–17th December 2015. For more information, click here.

Enquiries: Geoff Goodhill –


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